Our Client list


These are just a few of the genre of bands and artists whom we’ve been privileged to work with. At Edge recording studios, Cheshire mixing bands live in the studio, for tracking, Production and for TV and Radio, we’re able to achieve the most exceptional cross genre sounds. Founder, and lead sound engineer, John Delf, has also had the honour of accompanying many world acclaimed artists on their world tours too, enabling him to perfect and reproduce the kind of sounds which captivate live audiences, in the studio.

5 Seconds of Summer, The Script, Lily Allen, Plan B, The Feeling, New Order, Nine Black Alps, James Arthur, Sam Bailiey, Delilah, Lissie, Lana Del Rey, Arab Strap, The Delgados, The Chameleons, Diane Birch, Alison Moyet, Stooshe, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kylie, Kate Nash, Gorillaz, Eliza Doolittle, Yadi, Uruesei Yatsura, Wahington, The Mendoza Line, Throwing Muses, The Fiery Furnaces, The Breeders, The Buffseeds, The Black Velvets, Martha Wainwright, Ed Harcourt, Fifty Foot Wave, Captain, Arab Strap, Rox, Rickie Lee Jones, Muslimgauze, The Bardots, Sussed, The Radar Brothers. are all clients that we have worked with.

Just some of the bands to grace our studio:

Will Connor, Seb Morgan, Shakedown Stockholm, John Lever, Mark Burgess, Cash 4 Chaos, The Jokers, The Carvettis, The Christophers, Swans in Flight, Alex Tweedie, Jess Lee, Snakewater, Stolen Peace, Kazo, Shift, Bones, Devil in Faust, Sankofa, Simmer, The Honesty Policy, Your Illuminations, Lauren Lovelle, Nomad, Daisy Day, 

Sam Lyon, Kindest of Thieves, Death to the Strange, Black Lights, Rubber Bear, Midnight Suns, Luka State, Deadbeat Echoes, Deja Vega, Embers, The Sanderson Pitch, Jade Ann, Izzie Naylor, Ca Caille, The Joint, The Voice, Mike Dignam, Kayden Thelwell, Andy Dalton, Empire, The Ordinary, Nine Black Alps, Mercury Field, Amplify, Kassoma, Moscow Transport, Stolen From A Crow, Wasted Daze, Corinne Gibbons, Rioch Temporal, Bastard Sons, K-Notez, The Tapestry, Jimmy Cozier, 

Johnny Disfunctional, Coroner For The Police, The Sons, Delray Rockets, Naomi Campbell, Bjorn Paul, Mercury Field, The Venturas, Anecdotes, Johnny Tristram, 

Purple Heart Parade, God Damn, Advice From A Caterpillar, All We Are, Andy Oakes, Tainted Memories, The Script, 5 Seconds of Summer, New Order, Junction 3, 

Bent Moustache, George Tre Dean, The Naughties, Myles and Connor, Empire Signal, David Jones, The Unwinding Hours, Grid Locked, The Last Party, Plan B, 

Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Meadow, Audio Scores, Suzuki Method, Paul Hand, Chameleons Vox, Thick as Theives, Lamps Expire, Tender Machine, 

Vomit Dog Collective, Burning Buildings, Dirty Habit, Wilson, The Control, Key West


Testimonials for Edge from just some of the bands who have recorded with us:

Taken from the All Studios Website


Recording at the edge 

Name: Shakedown Stockholm
5/5 Stars
We recorded two songs at the edge studios and we are very happy with the way the songs have turned out , the finished result is amazing! The quality of the songs are incredible and the rest of the band are really happy with end results. Mark and John and the team are great to work with, John Delfs ear to music is second to non... We cant wait to go back and record more at the edge studios


Name: Advice from a Caterpillar
5/5 Stars
We recorded our debut EP at Edge before it had officially opened. We had all had recording experience before, but none matched the wonderful atmosphere and vibe of Edge Studios. The guys; John and Mark. These guys know their stuff. Our tracks sounded brilliant right off the bat and we were delighted with the sound that we were hearing. Our songs had a 'warm, home-made' signature and as far as we're concerned, there isn't a better place to record. We will definitely find ourselves coming back again and again. Highly recommended.


Name: JD & the FDCs

5/5 Stars
We had a great session at Edge this past weekend. Even at an unmixed and raw stage, we all agreed that it was sounding massive. The drum set up was incredibly quick and had such a warm and natural sound to it. Zero messing about, the guys knew the live rooms, booths and the equipment like the back of their hands. Easily one of the fastest and smoothest recording experiences that we've ever had.

Edge Studios! 

Name: Coroner for the Police
5/5 Stars
We've recorded twice at Edge now and we're aching for our third stint in April. Rory and Mark are fantastic sound engineers and the Delf is a great guy; we'd never want to go anywhere else, fact is if we could just stay there for a few weeks and write and record we'd be right on it! The selection of microphones and equipment is superb, allowing for plenty of experimentation, and the rooms themselves make for fantastic sound - you couldn't ask for more. With a great vibe and enough Star Wars toys to take down the empire, Edge is guaranteed to meet your studio needs at very reasonable pricing. Like a little holiday, with stormtroopers.

Edge Recording Studio Review 

Name: Russell Cottier
4/5 Stars
As a producer I took a project to Edge recently. A great homely atmosphere, and really useable acoustics in the rooms. Loads of good mics there to choose from and some well chosen outboard. Really pleasantly surprised by the Midas console and converters in there as I am used to HD or RADAR, couldn't fault it at all both during the session and having taken the multis away. Monitoring is superb!!!! Lovely atmosphere, great staff, a great place to get down and make some superb sounding records. Will definitely be looking forward to my next session there.

Band Recording 

Name: Path Unknown
5/5 Stars
Great studio. The drum room has a fantastic sound to it as does the Acoustics room. Well laid out and the Star Wars theme really helps keep the place fun and not stuffy. Rory and Mark are excellent sound engineers, really know the system well (much quicker than other professionals we know) and are great people too who obviously have a love for music. We're very happy with the sound that has come out of the studio, these recordings already sound better than any recording we've done before and we don't even have the electrics on and it hasn't been mixed! (We've recorded in some pretty good studios!). Just make sure you bring your lunch with you though! Nearest town is a fair way off with a weird one way system. Highly Recommended!