Technical Spec for the Studio


Step inside Edge Recording Studios and you’ll see that we are equally as impressive and inspiring on the inside as well as the outside.

Each carefully designed room has been adapted to give every performance and sound the edge. Our recording spaces are versatile and 

stimulating music making spaces. All rooms are naturally lit and our main studio is packed to the rafters with the most sought after 

technical equipment and acoustic technology in the industry, and fully supported by an engineering team that knows exactly how to 

achieve the sound you’re after.


Mixing Consoles:

Solid State Logic SSL AWS 924 with SSL Alpha-Link MADI AX - Wolrd Class mixing desk with a world class sound.
Midas with 32in/32out Digital FW - Studio 2 has a great little mixer that adds analogue bite and warmth. Recorded a no1 album thru this bad boy.



2 x AMS Neve 1073N Mic pre’s and Eq - the worlds best pre amps and essential in any pro studios arsenal.
1 x Universal Audio 6176 ( 610 Mic Pre and Urei 1176 ) - Amazing sounding pre and comrpessor combined. 
1 x Amek Channel in a Box with Neve Eq - Vintage Neve Channel. Adds warmth and sounds awesome.
1 x Focusrite Liquid Channel with 40 Pre’s and 40 Compressors - Incredibly flexible pre amp, Compressor and Eq combined. 






Otari 2" 24 Track Multi Track Tape Machine.

Teac 1/4" 2 Track Tape Machine

Wem Copicat Tape Echo


PMC MB01 - Seriously high end speakers named MB because they are Massive bast***s
Yamaha NS10m - Industry standard speakers that all the best studios in the world have as reference.
Dynaudio BM6A - Superb Active speakers with an incredibly flat response
Neumann KH120A - Another great pair of Active Monitors
Sennheiser HD380 Headphones x 6
Beyer DT100 Headphones x 4


Blunther Vintage Grand Piano - 130 years old with a warm vintage sound

Gors and Kallmann Grand Piano - For that more modern acoustic grand piano sound

Upright Piano - for the more fun piano sounds



Neumann M147 Valve Mic
Neumann 184 x 3
Neumann 105 x 3
Sennheiser 441 x 2
Sennheiser 421 x 3
Sennheiser 901
Sennheiser 609 x 4
Sennheiser 604 x 10
Audio Technica 4050 x 5
Audio Technica AE3000 x 2
Shure Beta91 x 2
Shure 58 x 3
Shure 57 x 4
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 98 x 3
AKG D112
Rode NT1000
Octava CK012
Plus a choice of 30 other mics from Sennheiser, Audio Technica.

Amps, Guitars and Play Things:

We have a wide selection of Amps, Electric Guitars, 12 String Electrics, Acoustic Guitars, a Tenor Euke, a Mandolin, a Banjo, a Cello, 

a Vintage Grand Piano, Electric Pianos etc for you to use including Vintage Fender, Rickenbacker, Orange, Marshall, Bluthner, Yamaha models.
We also have a selection of pre-amps including Amek, Neve, Focusrite.



Rickenbacker 330

1963 Pre CBS Fender Jaguar 

Fender VI

Gretsch Renown Drum Kit

Dave Nutall Jalepeno Custom Drum Kit

Fender Nylon String Acoustic

Fender Telecaster Acoustic

Fender Jazz Bass

Tenor Eukele


12 String Electic Guitar










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