So, you’ve finished recording and you’re happy with the performances and arrangement. Now it’s time to mix.
Quality mixing is vital to the presentation of any song. No matter how good the song is (lyrics, melody, arrangement) or how well it was recorded, a professional mix is extremely important. A good mix will not only make a song sound better, but can highlight dynamics and emotions and really bring a song to life.

Professional mixing at ALDERLEY EDGE RECORDING STUDIO is  the technical and creative process of combining all the individual tracks (instruments, vocals, etc) and “mixing” them down to one stereo track. For each instrument or vocal, mixing determines how loud that track is in relation to the others, what space it occupies in the mix , and how it sounds (bright, dull, clear, distorted, fat, thin, etc).


The mastering process is the final icing on the cake for any record. It gels all the songs into one body of work and adds that finished professional sound to any mix or project by making small adjustments to tonal, level and spatial aspects of each song.

We advise any band or artist to invest in this final process. The benefits are it sounds great for radio and your buying public will appreciate the difference. For details of our mastering rates please see our costs page for further details.




How does EDGE E-MIX work?
Send us your multitrack audio files of the song or songs  by mail, and we send you back the stereo master mixes completed to the level of your choice. When submitting your files we also recommend you send a playlist of reference material as a stylistic guide for the mix engineer – musical influences and songs you’d like your mixes to sit with.


The mixes you receive for listening reference are supplied back to you in the agreed format. Once the mix is approved an unprocessed 24-bit WAV file will be created for use in the final mastering process. We’ll keep the mix sessions backed up so that you can always come back to EDGE RECORDING STUDIOS for changes in the future if needs be.


TO RECIEVE A QUOTE PER TRACK / TRACKS AND FOR ALL ENQUIRIES ABOUT OUR E- MIX SERVICES please email our engineer team direct : enquiries@theedgestudios.co.uk 


FOR ENQUIRIES ABOUT OUR MASTERING SERVICE please email: enquiries@recordingstudiocheshire.co.uk

A Rough Prcie Guide:

  • Up to 24 Tracks Sessions: £250
  • More than 24 Tracks sessions: £300
  • Mastering: £40 Per Track
  • ( with one revision on the mix included in the price )